GoPro About to Introduce Slo-Mo (Awesome!)

GizModo says it just got its hands on a GoPro with a firmware update on it that enables extreme slow motion video from GoPros. Wait until you see what they captured with the software update. The video below was captured at 240 frames per second then slowed to 24 frames per second for playback, so it is a 10x slow-mo.

GizModo reports:

The baddest action camera on the block is about to get even better. We just got an exclusive look at the first GoPro camera to capture silky smooth 240fps slow motion in glorious high definition. We’ve got the very first footage from a GoPro Hero4 equipped with a hot new firmware update that will bring that and much more. And I scored that footage at the Winter X Games this weekend while strapped to a snowboard.

Basically, if you have one of these cameras, you’re going to be psyched.

Until now, the Hero4 Black couldn’t do super smooth slow-mo and HD at the same time. When it launched, it was limited to 1080p video at 120 frames per second, 720p video at 120fps (as it was with the Hero3), or 480p at 240fps. This firmware update remedies that. The video above was all shot at 240 frames per second, and then slowed down to 24fps for the cinematic feel I like.:

A Lesson in Digging for the Truth

The CBC in Canada provides a nice lesson in sorting through claims to find truths.

For years we have been told that scientific studies show chocolate, especially the “dark” kind can be good for you.

But the CBC wanted to know who paid for those studies and what do they REALLY show?
The answers are that the chocolate industry paid for a lot of the most cited studies and the supposed benefits would be cooked right out of the chocolate in the prepping process.



Advice from NBC’s Richard Engle

From NBC

From NBC

This is the release from NBC Publicity with selected clips:

NBC News’ Richard Engel was on Late Night with Seth Meyers and he gave some great advice for young journalists. He also talked about the CIA torture, living in the Middle East and volunteering as a “human shield” for Saddam Hussein.

Richard’s advice for up and coming journalists:

· “It is good to have ambition- and go out to where a story is, but go slowly.”
· “Don’t just grab a camera and go to Syria because you will end up kidnapped or worse.”
· “I was in the middle east for seven years, learning the language, learning the place before I went to a real warzone. “
· “So it’s like climbing a mountain. Don’t go to Everest as your first expedition. Don’t be afraid of the mountains , just take some time.”

Richard on the CIA torture report:

· “So there are people that I’m taking to that are happy that this is coming out because they think it is a horrible chapter in American history and a dark period after 9/11 that shouldn’t be repeated.”
· “There are other however who say- yes it is dark, but those who are taking it to task now, knew about it at the time. They are finding that hypocritical.”

Richard on being a human shield for Saddam Hussein:

· “I was a human shield for Saddam Hussain. …. They thought a good way to end the invasion would be to invite a whole lot of Americans and have them hold signs and chain themselves to his facilities-‘Please don’t bomb’ and he was giving out visa to Americans to come and do this- to chain themselves to oil facilities or roads.”
· “I couldn’t get a normal visa- this was not the preferred route in. “
· “So I said- I will take one of these visas-I’ll volunteer to be a human shield-obviously I had no intension of being a human shield. And I got the visa, went in and then disappeared. I went underground and faded from the regimes radar.”

The Power of Using a Motivator in Your Storytelling

In my writing workshops, I often talk about what I consider to be the BIG motivators that make stories work.
You can attach your story to money, family, health, safety, community, moral outrage, curiosity and/or social trending and any story can become more interesting for a wider number of people. The more motivators you can hit, the better.

See how many motivators you can count in this new online ad:

The ad would have a narrow audience if it was just aimed at beer-drinkers or dog-lovers. But it is more than that. It speaks to safety and family. That is why it is a mega online hit.

Of course there is that issue of whether you should drink so much that you are unsafe. But that’s another commercial.