What Does Tumblr Have to do With Journalism?

Mindy McAdams said:

Tumblr is not a replacement for a traditional blog, and it’s not a substitute for Twitter. Tumblr is something else — part bookmarking tool, part FriendFeed, part scrapbook, part serendipitous newsfeed.

Mindy adds:

For an excellent, lavishly illustrated guide to getting started, see Smashing Magazine’s Complete Guide to Tumblr (July 2010). Just this month, Tumblr made a few changes to its dashboard (your central base for using Tumblr) — for me, these changes were welcome improvements (but not all Tumblr users were happy).

If you haven’t yet given Tumblr a try — or if you looked once and then left — take a few minutes now to check it out.

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