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Take the Aim for the Heart interactive learning course on NewsU.

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I also have shorter tutorials that are perfect for classroom or newsroom learning.  But them as a bundle or just buy the segments you need.

Telling Memorable Video Stories: Poynter Tutorial Series

Telling Memorable Video Stories: A Poynter Tutorial Series
Included in this package:

Purchase this entire Training Package for $14.85, or purchase any of the individual tutorials for $9.95 each.

Handouts and teaching tools

These are teaching handouts that I use or have used in my teaching. I wrote most, but not all of these:

How to Tell One Story 7 Ways

How 3 Companies Built Their Twitter Strategies – WSJ.com

5 Things Every Photographer Wishes Reporters Knew

10 laws of Multimedia storytelling color handout

10 Keys to Great TV Investigations

How to be a Great Backpack/MMJ/VJ/One-man-band journalist

A detailed step-by-Step Investigative Checklist

How to Investigate a Story by dedicating 10 Minutes a Day to the Project

Covering Breaking News tips

Blogging and Social Media Journalism Ethics

Ask Critical Questions handout

Doing Ethics

Great Investigations handout

Manage Your Boss

What Sources do We Use?

Ten Keys to Morale and Motivation

What I would Do Monday if I was a News Director Again

Attribution and Secret Sources: Who Said That?

Write Right

The Journalist’s Guide to YouTube

The Journalist’s Guide to User Generated Video


The First Amendment Handbook
The News Media & The Law

Libel and Privacy
Can We Tape?
Photographers Guide to Privacy

Reporter’s Privilege
Privilege Compendium
Agents of Discovery

Freedom of Information
A Reporter’s Guide to Medical Privacy Law
Access to Electronic Communications
Access to Police Records
Federal Open Government Guide
Open Government Guide
Private Eyes
Privatization v. The Public’s Right to Know
Sunshine, Inc.
The Lost Stories

Court access
Open Courts Compendium
A Reporter’s Guide to Military Justice
Access to Juror Questionnaires
Access to Terrorism Proceedings
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Anonymous Juries
Gag Orders
Grand Juries
Judicial Speech
Jury Records and Proceedings
Off Base: Military Court Dockets
Online Access to Plea Agreements
Secret Dockets
Secret Juries
Warrants & Wiretaps
White Paper: Military Dockets

A Reporter’s Field Guide
A Reporter’s Guide to American Indian Law
Homefront Confidential

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