Ethics Problems When a Photojournalist Alters Images

It was a stunning image, if only it had been real.

In this article that I wrote for, I explain why the image is problematic and why NPPA’s president said it is “not journalism.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.49.20 AM.png

The main question the dust-up raises for journalists is “how much disclosure is enough when you are presenting an image that isn’t real?”  Is it enough to call it an illustration? A compilation? A composite?  Or do we owe the reader a full explanation of how we did what we did and that this is not really what happened, but instead it is made up?


Why Photojournalists, Producers, Web Producer MUST know how to Report

In emergency coverage after Hurricane Harvey, newsrooms were pushing photojournalists and every other newsroom employee to find stories and report them.  Get on the air, get online, get on social media, but capture the story and tell people about it.  In this story that I wrote for, I explain how one Houston TV station tapped the skills of photojournalists to go live on the air and explain what they were seeing.

Zillo: An APP That Journalists Need and Most Have Never Heard of

zelloscreen.jpgAn app called Zillo is making it easier for journalists to track rescues and emergencies in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
This app is something like a walkie-talkie only it uses your phone. So up to 2,000 people can be in a group and talk without dialing a number or testing.
You can set up an infinite number of channels– each one specific to a need. So rescuers in Port Arthur have a channel, rescuers in a boat have a channel, animal rescuers have a channel.  Let me walk you through this and give you a demo.

The Best of the Eclipse Coverage

I always teach that the best stories provide both context and close-up examples.  This story from WTVF in Nashville does that.  It was a story that every TV station everywhere covered somehow so it is hard to find a way to make your story stand out.  But this story includes stunning images, authentic characters and vibrant writing that does not get in the way of the story.

Star Of The Show from Chris Conte on Vimeo.