The Power of Using a Motivator in Your Storytelling

In my writing workshops, I often talk about what I consider to be the BIG motivators that make stories work.
You can attach your story to money, family, health, safety, community, moral outrage, curiosity and/or social trending and any story can become more interesting for a wider number of people. The more motivators you can hit, the better.

See how many motivators you can count in this new online ad:

The ad would have a narrow audience if it was just aimed at beer-drinkers or dog-lovers. But it is more than that. It speaks to safety and family. That is why it is a mega online hit.

Of course there is that issue of whether you should drink so much that you are unsafe. But that’s another commercial.


What Video Storytellers Can Learn by Watching the Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl Ad

Let me walk you scene-by-scene through the ad to show you the ways the producers used story focus, audio, video and character development to leverage their message. The same concepts can work for daily news, even when you do not have puppies, Clydesdales, a million dollar budget and super models to work with.

Budweiser Puppy Love commercial