How Much Do 2011 Journalism Grads Earn?

A new study buy the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia finds that spring graduates with a BA in journalism can expect to earn about $30 and the number is going DOWN not up. And grads with Masters degrees don’t do much better.    Read the study.

The report included this important passage about minorities and about the technical skills new grads need in their job:

“Once again faring worse than anyone in the job market were racial and ethnic minority graduates. While minority bachelor’s degree recipients reported no rise in employment-from 48.6 percent in 2009 to a statistically comparable 49.1 percent in 2010-nonminority graduates saw employment levels improve from 63.9 percent to 67 percent. The gap of 18 percentage points between the level of employment of non-minority and minority graduates in 2010 is the largest ever recorded in the graduate survey.”

    “Web work was more prominent with 2010 graduates than with 2009 graduates. Two-thirds of the degree recipients who found work in communication were involved with writing and editing for the web. Eight in 10 of the graduates with communication jobs are researching materials using the web, and more than half are using social network sites in their jobs, a sharp increase from a year earlier. “

The study found that 2011 graduates are a lot more likely to be editing video (non-linear of course) they are doing more work with images and are expected to be able to use a video camera.

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