“The Help” Opens Today so how Does Jackson, MS Cover the story?

The answer is–hardly at all.

The Jackson MS newspaper is covering the story including an interview with a local in the film and an interesting story about a lawsuit pending about the movie. A local claims one of the main characters is based on a family member and casts her in a terrible light.

WLBT-TV has a commentary on the front page–nothing more.

WJTV says nothing at all about the film on the website’s front page.

Remember–this is one of Twitter’s top 10 trends today and the movie was shot in Jackson. One suspects the journos are sick of the story, having covered it while it was being shot there in Jackson. The movie and book cast the city and the state in an awful light.

The Twitter page about the movie is loaded with unusually pointed conversation, from praise to downright scorn.

I wonder if this film will touch off useful conversations about:
-race relations
-the sacrifices that “domestic workers” paid and are still paying. Since reading the book I have talked with so many people whose mothers or grandmothers worked as “domestics.”

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