High School Journalists Investigate Real Stories

I  know you get so tired of looking at college journalism stories that cover this event or that one-this light story or that one.

What if you did a class project on something meaningful, some that not only taught journalism, multimedia storytelling and investigative technique but also required teamwork and collaboration.

Here are some examples of such projects, done by HIGH SCHOOL students.

2011: A class project on expired medications at grocery and drug stores

2010: Idling cars, buses damage environment, violate law

2009: Health care headaches

2008: Expired medicine, baby food on Trenton store shelves

2007: Does NYC Transit leave disabled riders in the lurch?

No doubt you have seen other projects that have set inmates free and done big things.  But these are the sort of projects that anybody anywhere could do with limited sources and even limited skill.

The could include all 7 storytelling tools that I teach about:

  • audio
  • video
  • stills
  • text
  • mapping
  • documentclouds
  • data visualization

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