Inside Story on “Occupy” Pepper Spray Photos

This may well be the most iconic photo so far of the Occupy protests.  An 84 year old woman is hit by pepper spray.

She is hardly a frail innocent bystander.  She is a well-known activist who showed up to protest.

Here is the inside story of how photographer Seattle PI photographer Joshua Trujillo captured the image.

Changing Times for Photography

Take a look at this image I grabbed from one of the many crowd shots taken of the police shooting pepper spray at Occupy protestors at UC Davis Saturday. What do you notice about the photographers?


Photo by: Louise Macabitas

I count 13 cameras in the picture.  Only one appears to be a professional photographer. I also see an MP3 audio recorder and an iPad being used to capture video. This is an iconic image in itself.  It is testimony about how we now capture unfolding news events, not with SLRs or even point-and-shoots.  The cell phone is becoming a critical news gathering tool.  We should be offering specific training on cell phone video techniques in our college classes and professional training workshops.

Just look at how many videos of the incident are posted on YouTube:

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