Election Coverage Toolbox for Journalists

Some of the Cooler ELECTION 2012 RESOURCES (click for complete list from SPJ)

CNN Exit Polls Page
Look up races in your zip code

Sunlight Foundation
Political watchdog group that tracks lobbyists and fundraising.

This search tool finds campaign-related audio/video.

Google Political Audio Indexing
Search audio from the presidential candidates on a specific topic.

Tracks news mentions, blog mentions and tracks other information on the presidential candidates.

Tech President
A great blog run by the Presidential Democracy Forum that tracks various campaign sites, postings on YouTube, etc. A great snapshot of how candidates are using the web.

ABC News OTUS Site
Covers politics and elections “Of the United States” (OTUS).

Washington Post Politics Coverage
In-depth coverage from the campaign trail., including blogs and other commentary.

The Caucus: NY Times Political Blog

The Trail: Washington Post Political Blog

LA Times: Top of the Ticket Blog

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