The City of Philadelphia just experienced a shocking and sad loss when three teens died in a shooting at a city park, WHYY said:
The mayor deemed the Juniata Park bloodshed “a bizarre tragedy.” He said initial reports point to a beef between teenagers out past curfew, and spurred on by social media, turning deadly when the mother of one child told her boyfriend or husband to get a weapon, which he allegedly did. (NBC10 is reporting that the alleged shooter was the stepfather of a child involved in the beef.)

Then the mayor of Philadelphia let it fly in a press statement:

How should you handle the mayor’s statement? Air it, edit it, paraphrase it?
If you bleep it, would the listener, viewer insert a worse word?
Does bleeping the “A” word diminish the mayor’s outrage?
Would you handle the soundbite differently on early newscasts compared to late-night shows?
How would your online treatment be different, why?