The Amazing Call Ordering the Cruise Ship Captain Back on Board

The BCC offers us this sound and translation of the ill-fated cruise ship liner’s captain who abandoned ship.  You will hear Italian officials ordering him back on board and you will hear the captain resist, saying it is dark and that he is coordinating efforts on land.

Question for Journalists:

-What do we know and what do we need to know in order to use this video fairly?

I would say we need to know if the audio is true, what the protocols are in such an event,  whether it is common for these kinds of calls to be recorded, whether the audio was edited.

What motivation might the government official have to record this audio and to release it?

How accurate is the tone of the translation compared to how the characters actually sounded? Remember, this is a dramatic translation. How would the content be different if you just read the translation rather than hearing this version of it?

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