I can’t think of many local TV reporters who are as honored or respected as Stuart Watson (WCNC Charlotte.) So when I heard he produced a first-person story that had a consumer angle, I was intrigued.

The story is about the life and death of his parents.  They died hours apart, both had Alzheimer’s. Take a look at the story and I will raise some questions at the below the link.

-How did the “first-person” nature of this story affect you?  Is it appropriate for journalists to tell stories about themselves or their own families?  When would it be inappropriate?

-Were you surprised by the consumer report nature of this piece?

-Like Stuart, I also was recently surprised by the cost of placing an obit in a newspaper.  Why is it important to people to have these notices in the paper when they now have free online alternatives?  Is it just “for the old folks” that we do this?