The Best Thing Since the Bread Slicer

July 7th is the anniversary of the bread slicer.

Let’s try a little writing exercise:

The story of the bread slicer is a remarkable tale of a man named Otto Rohwedder who was an optician, a jeweler.  He had a great idea.   The pop up toaster was getting popular but people were still buying loaf bread and cutting it themselves.  They would often cut irregular sizes.

Otto built his machine but the Depression set in.  He had to sell out.
Let’s say you are assigned to do the story of the anniversary.
The inventor is not from your hometown or your state.
How would you tell the story; for print, radio and television?

-go a a bakery
-I know a lady who was so embarrassed to have to eat her sandwiches on homemade bread-she wanted sliced white wonder bread like the other kids in the depression
-Check the patent office for local people in your area who hold patents to crazy stuff.
-Peer into the mind of a local inventor.  They likely have an inventor’s club

The history of sliced bread:
The local newspaper (the Constitution Tribune) announced the bread slicer on the front page, of course not knowing they were reporting the greatest thing since–well, sliced bread.












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