How Closed Records Blocked Journalists in Sandusky Penn State Story

One of the most powerful skills that you can teach your students is how to use public records.
Just when records are now more available than ever, it seems we spend less time than ever learning how to use them.

Here is a story I just produced on how CLOSED records helped keep the Penn State Scandal from being discovered:

Here is a collection of open records
laws for all 50 states:

This will help you to navigate federal open records laws

FOI in the news-great topical studies for your class:

Key Supreme Court decisions
related to FOIA

Sample form letters you can use to request open records:

This is a spectacular textbook called “Access With Attitude” that is a free download. While it is Ohio-centric, 99 percent of it applies nationwide. I like the attitude it includes-open records are a right, not a privilege.

Why journalists should file MORE lawsuits to force open meetings and records:

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