CoverItLive as a serious Journalism Tool in Breaking News

SCOTUSBLOG Cover it live pageNBC and SCOTUSBLOG teamed up this week to provide in-depth and thoughtful coverage of the Supreme Court decisions about same-sex marriage.
Absent live video in the Court, this live deep coverage provides line by line analysis of these decisions and allows reader questions in real time. also focused on NBC’s special site for this event:

As the court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act Wednesday morning and declined to rule on a case involving California’s Prop 8, NBC News supplemented its usual coverage with a single-serving site called

Ryan Osborn, NBC News’ vice president for digital innovations, says his team threw together the one-glancer in four hours this past Sunday and “we’ve seen a nice little reaction.” It was inspired, he said, by sites like and the Guardian’s Is There White Smoke site during March’s papal conclave.

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