Compare Versions of the Same Story

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 10.50.16 AM


WCCO and KARE-11 are first-rate TV stations in Minneapolis. So when two crews both cover the same story, it is a remarkable opportunity to compare stunning work.

The WCCO story is more factual, the KARE-11 story goes for feeling.  Notice the difference in the amount of natural sound in the two stories. Did one work better than the other? Why?

How did the reporters think of what they had to say versus what the characters said?

Which story felt more like it took you to the cave? Did one make you feel like you understood the story more clearly?

NBC News also produced a story. 

WCCO Story:



KARE-11 Story

KARE-11's Ice Cave Story
KARE-11’s Ice Cave Story

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