Don’t Do This-Don’t Ask Reporters to Do This

WTTG reporter gets covered in sea foam during Hurricane Irene. The foam is sewage and health experts say it could be toxic.

Reporter tells the station he is getting the foam in his mouth and all over his skin.  Nobody has the sense to tell him to get out of there.

Mediaite explains:

However, on Fox News today, Dr. Marc Siegel warned that human exposure to sea foam could be potentially dangerous.

The sea foam, washed up during Hurricane Irene, is also known as “red tide,” and Siegel explained the effects of exposure.

It can kill birds, it has pollutants in it, it has bacteria in it, it has proteins in it, and prolonged exposure could even cause birth defects. It can bother people with asthma and it can cause skin rashes.

Siegel pointed to bacterial contamination as an immediate danger of exposure to sea foam, and warned people against getting too close to it. 

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