Journalists Using Facebook to Develop Stories


Here is a Facebook page dedicated to how journalists can and are using social networks to find stories and sources.

I recently wrote a story about a tiny Minnesota TV station that used Facebook to find a story and a mysterious “roadkill” creature then used Facebook to connect with the public in record-setting ways.

The AP among others have used Facebook to produce vivid stories about 9/11 memories.

Some journalists are asking the public to send photos or videos (especially after storms like Hurricane Irene).  Others pose questions to the public while others are looking for interviews, experts and witnesses.

The Facebook + Journalists page reports:

“Tapping into your Facebook community about questions they would like a source to answer is an easy to gauge the interest of your readers on a topic, but also get quality question submissions from a community who may be just as, or more, knowledgeable on the issue you’re covering. Elisabeth Waldon Kool from The Daily News in Greenville, Michigan, posted to their Page asking readers what questions they have for local law enforcement about protecting themselves in light of ongoing local larcenies. Waldon Kool said the question sparked an extensive debate on Facebook that furthered the story. Following the Facebook discussions and her reporting, Waldon Kool wrote the story.



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