Canon 5d Mark 3 Game Changer?

Canon has rolled out its new 5D Mark III DSLR camera. For those of us in the news and education worlds, it could be what we have been waiting for.  The price is lower and previous models, the video files are much longer (now 29 min 59 seconds) and NOW this DSLR has an audio jack–meaning we can monitor the audio while we record it. YEA! Why doesn’t Canon understand how HUGE this is? It is not even the key thing they mention in the writeups.  It shoots 22mps still.

CNET says the 5DM3 also gets:

…time code support, and 64 levels of audio control plus a wind filter. One video disappointment: the camera only outputs the display view via HDMI, so you can’t get high-resolution video capture that way and it has the display overlay. On the other hand, you’re no longer limited to 12-minute clips.

And this is cool–it has a dual card slot.  SO…
Dual card slots—one Compact Flash and one SDXC—allow you to use your choice of memory cards. Photographers who are moving up from a lower-end Canon D-SLR will be able to continue to use SD memory, and those looking at the Mark III as a complement to a 1D series camera will be able to share CF cards between them. The dual card slots can operate in one of three ways—you can choose to write the same data to two cards for real-time backup, write Raw files to one card and JPG files to another, or simply use the second card as additional storage after the first one fills up.

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