The Strangely Useful Live Helmet Cam That NewsHour Used

PBS NEWSHOUR tried out a live helmet camera at the RNC convention. A reporter wore a hardhat that was fitted with a GoPro camera and a Rode Shotgun mic. Then the camera and mic plugged into a device called a Live Shell.

Live Shell let’s you stream video onto YouStream without a computer.

The Live Shell is 68×120×26mm, weighs 106g and is officially approved by Ustream (it has the “Ustream Compatible” mark). It connects to the web via IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a mobile router or Ethernet.

The device comes with HDMI, USB, and composite interfaces and can livestream video in 704×528 resolution at 1.5Mbps max.

PBS fitted the reporter with a portable wireless hub that she stuck in her pocket so the LIVESHELL would always have a wireless signal on which to transmit.

It looked silly but it worked.

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