Flying Cars-the story and how he did it

Here is a story and a tutorial that you will want to share with your colleagues/students.

Scott Jensen, a former TV photojournalist (and NPPA Photojournalist of the Year) who now shoots video for the Alaska Dispatch News captured a fairly amazing video of a very Alaska vent, flying cars on the Fourth of July. It is pure silliness as country folks run cars and vans off the side of a steep hill and watch them crash. But Scott turned this into a video epic.

Scott also produced this remarkable step-by-step tutorial on how he shot and produced the video. You are going to take a few lessons from this. First, how MUCH work Scott put into getting so many angles that it looked like he was working with a team of photojournalists.
Scott also was not afraid to sacrifice a GoPro or two to get something remarkable. And he moved around a LOT to get this story. Count the angles. He also makes use of bystander’s video for a few shots.

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