NBC Uses a Drone in Napal Quake Coverage

The network did multiple stand-ups using their drone for high perspective.

NBC used a drone to cut several online versions of stand-ups. Click on the images to see the examples. Of course the commercial use of drones is not banned in Nepal, as it is in the US currently.

Click on image to see video of this standup using a drone.

Click on image to see video of this standup using a drone.

click on the image to see the video

click on the image to see the video

CNN Raises Question of Outrage over SI Cover by SHOWING the SI Cover

CNN’s Don Lemon raised the question of where the Sports Illustrated bikini issue shows too much. Of course, then the network goes on to show the cover of the magazine time after time after time.

This kind of thing happens a lot in journalism. Mainstream media don’t want to report tabloid’esque stories so they cluck their tongues at tabloids wondering if they have gone too far, and in so doing, report the tabloid story they said they were trying to avoid.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.46.13 AM

Click on the image to watch the CNN segment from February 12, 2015


Brian Williams’ Problems Began With “I, Me, We, Our”

Here is an essay that may help help journalists think through the hazards of writing news in first-person. Let’s not try to write rules in stone about this. But know that first-person reporting carries both a hazard when it is used to glorify the reporter and an opportunity when that technique makes the story more believable and understandable.

Brian Williams’ problems began when he overused the technique to make himself appear bigger.