Poynter/NPPA Video Training-Live Online

I’m really proud of the lineup of speakers we have pulled together for the Visual StoryTellers With the Pros workshop on Oct. 15th, 2011.

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE.  You can watch anywhere you have a computer connection. After the live event you can watch the replays anytime. Watch them with your colleagues.  SIGN UP NOW.

  • Secrets to Natural Sound Stories, with Darren Durlach
    The tricks to letting people tell their own stories without narration with Darren Durlach.
  • To Light or Not to Light, with Adam Vance
    Good lighting on a not so good budget.
  • Solo Standups that Stand Out, with Michelle Michael
    You don’t have to sacrifice standups just because you’re working alone. Standups are how your audience gets to know you.
  • What’s My Line, with Boyd Huppert Five killer writing tools every visual storytelling should master.

Adam Vance

 Adam Vance is a special projects photojournalist/editor and satellite truck operator at 10News/WTSP.COM. He has had the opportunity to bring the Tampa Bay viewers, multiple Shuttle Launches, Super Bowls, World Series coverage, Stanley Cup Championships, BCS victories and countless Hurricanes. Having completed 9 years with 10 News, he has figured out this business — it is not only about story telling, it is about people.

Boyd Huppert

 Boyd Huppert recently marked his 27th year as a reporter, including 15 years at KARE-TV in Minneapolis. During that time Boyd has become widely known for his work as a storyteller and teacher.

Boyd has presented more than 100 storytelling sessions at venues including Poynter Institute, National Writers Workshop, Danish Broadcasting, TV New Zealand and NRK in Oslo, Norway.

Darren Durlach

 This is the second year in a row that Darren Durlach has won the Ernie Crisp National Photographer of the year title. In the contest’s 66 year history, the award has only been won back-to-back 2 other times. Winning over 80 other national and regional awards, including 11 Emmy’s and 2 b-roller of the year awards, Darren credits his success to the countless hours his colleagues and mentors have spent sharing their knowledge with him.

Michelle Michael

Michelle Michael is an award winning backpack journalist. She is this year’s National Press Photographer’s Association Solo Video Journalist of the Year, her second time earning the title.

Michelle is the journalist, camera”woman”, editor, and producer on every story. Before veteran reporters were forced to pick up cameras, Michelle chose one man banding.

She left her job in local television news in 2003 and moved to Germany to work for the American Forces Network Europe.

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