Students Build Massive Interactive Project

Transmedia Indiana is an immersive learning project at Ball State University, in which 30 students worked for one year creating an interactive book – similar to The Da Vinci Code – using Indiana’s history as the backdrop. The project was done in partnership with the Indiana State Museum and the historic town of New Harmony, each of which provided historically accurate information, artifacts, and experiences that were central to the project.
When the project is completed in May, the students will have published a 45,000-word interactive eBook, which will lead readers to websites, videos, podcasts, and other clues that exist beyond the reach of the reading screen.
The special, three-day exhibit, “Are You Ready for the Truth? A Transmedia Indiana Experience at the Indiana State Museum” will feature:
· An inside look at the fiction story · Actual artifacts from Indiana’s history · Student-created fictional and nonfictional websites · A game using the SCVNGR app, in which visitors will be
given various challenges to accomplish throughout the Transmedia Indiana exhibit and the museum

For more information, contact:
Project Supervisor: Brad King Phone: 510-393-5651 Email:
Project Supervisor: Jennifer George-Palilonis Phone: 765-285-8216 Email:
Twitter @Transindy

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