Thorough Reporting by CBS’s Clarissa Ward

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 7.30.41 PMI want to hold up a storytelling journalist who has both skill and courage.
Watch this piece of CBS’ Clarissa Ward.
From a storyteller’s perspective, pay attention to a few details. She does not take anybody’s word for how many died or HOW they died. She and her photojournalist partner go into the morgue, count bodies and look at the wounds that caused the deaths. The wounds show the government claims to be flatly untrue. The live tag shows her even-handedness as she reports there may have been a protestor who fired a weapon too. She explains the video of hospital workers lifting the grieving brother from the floor-why are they removing him? She explains what the chanters are saying as the bodies are carried past. Exceptional even-handed and measured writing in trying conditions, on deadline.

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